Technical system

Two proposals have been discussed for the technical system, QR codes and RFID tags. The preferred system is for QR codes as they are easy to print, sew on and wash, and non-invasive. The decision of which option to run with will be taken as soon as a volunteer steps forward to carry out the technical work. A systems diagram of the hardware and software architecture will then follow shortly.

The domestic infrastructure will capture structured data in the form of automated event and location alerts for garments. It will also send automated tweets to prompt the end user to input semi-structured data in the form of text-based entry into standardised data fields. The specification of the system is not complex although the data processing element is of greater complexity. I will discuss data visualisation with Highwire colleagues.

For the time being I have designed a prototype of the front end user interface. I have defined the parameters of the online interface and the requirements of the database for capturing, storing, retrieving and displaying data. The technical system as described below is regarded as the starting point for dialogue to develop a working system.

I have also started to design a graphic identity to brand the product. I am considering how to design the environment to fit the research questions? and also how do we deal with huge datasets in a sensible way?


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