Olive cardigan

Olive cardigan, bouclé pure wool, machine knit, has the longest history of all the cardigans. It is a circa 1950s garment from Robinson and Cleaver, a traditional department store in Belfast which I remember closing in 1994. The cardigan was found in a Belfast charity shop by a flatmate and worn happily until one day it shrank and felted in the wash. The cardigan was passed on to me as a gift as it was and still is my style and my colour. I changed its original mother of pearl buttons to olive ones when I lost a button in Spain c2000.

The cardigan has received frequent wear and suffers from numerous issues including holey, deodorant marked armpits, threadbare areas and fraying cuffs. It is missing one button which has been kept safe for several years throughout several house moves. In its better days the cardigan was worn as part of a dressy outfit on live Spanish television.

It requires a delicate wash and careful reshaping before drying flat. It would be decommissioned were it not to be so wearable and well loved. A subsitute cardigan, New olive cardigan, is currently being knitted to a 1950s pattern.




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