How it works

Wearlog is a a system of embedded wearables with QR codes or RFID tags. Every item of the researcher’s wardrobe will be retrofitted with a tag to capture information regarding the use and service history of the garment. The system recognises ‘events’; wearing, washing and mending, and ‘locations’; the wardrobe, the washing machine and the mending basket through the domestic automation of the home. This data will be mined in a bespoke database which will store additional information on each garment such as item description, origin and wash history. The database will link to an online interface which will display wearlog data in a highly searchable format. The researcher will be prompted via twitter updates to manually input additional data such as garment stories and mending tasks.

Wearlog datamines multiple data sets and narratives of each garment in the researcher’s wardrobe. This quantitative and qualitative data can be combined in rich and unique combinations. Interpretations of the data will provide a significant and original contribution to diverse academic disciplines, with the potential to impact on policy and practice.

How does it work?

  • garments retrofitted with QR/RFID tags
  • locations and events datamined – wear, wash, mend
  • garments ranked by utility, fashion, condition and meaning

What does it aim to do?

  • dematerialising the IoT for sustainable resource use
  • give smart clothes agency to mobilise behavioural change
  • scale up sustainable solutions through activist art interventions

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