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Initial thoughts to kickstart the blog

As I set out on this research I am aware of the huge scale this project could take on, possibly a PhD. In the practical sense, the cataloguing of every item of my wardrobe will be a substantial undertaking and significant time commitment. The domestic automation of my home and the datamining of the minutiae of how I clothe myself each and every day will have an untold effect on my psychological make-up, my resolve, my identity, my relationship to the research and to consumer society in general. As time goes by will my actions be perceived by myself and by others as increasingly sane or insane.

I expect that Wearlog will get more interesting with the passing of time. Decisions and solutions will become more radical, or will this radicality beome normalised?

I have no experience or previous interest in Feminist thought. However, I think it would be disingenuous to fail to consider, however briefly, feminist perspectives on fashion consumption and female identity, highly gendered domestic work such as sewing and washing and the body of work on feminist social reearch. I was supposed to be attending a 4 day Feminist technoscience event but there was a glitch in the booking which is annoying.

It goes without saying that all the data generated will be open data, and its use and application will be actively encouraged. I would be delighted to see app developers using the data in unforeseen ways. I will consider restricting accees to certain datasets if it is believed that privacy and security concerns are an issue, eg live datasets of when I leave and enter the house if indeed we choose to place a QR reader by the front door.

Social/aesthetic considerations – should the QR tags be sewn discreetly inside garments like a care label or should they proudly and conspicuously adorn the garments like a high status logo? Certainly the latter would be more practical for the oft-repeated act of reading the QR code. This design feature suggests new implications for my now publicly visible role as an advocate for wearlog and all it stands for. Will this make me feel more responsible/pressured/proud? Alternatively I may be cast by some as a high profile darning nutter. Given my goal of changing user behaviour will I seek to blend in or stand out from the crowd? I need to be role model who promotes the benefits of being smart with clothes. How best to do this?



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